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Connecting You to the Job Seekers

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Welcome to The Workforce Investment Board

The Workforce Investment Board of Passaic County (WIB) is dedicated to supporting workforce and economic development by connecting Passaic County New Jersey residents to jobs and ensuring that employers have the skilled workers they need to grow, compete, and prosper. Created pursuant to the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA), the WIB's role is to ensure that optimal investments are made in Passaic County to support workforce development, training, and job preparation for residents. The WIB also engages businesses to link the services of the local workforce system with the needs of employers within the county.

To successfully accomplish this, the WIB:

  • Oversees WIA funds by driving investments based on industry needs.
  • Sets the strategic direction of the Passaic County One-Stop System.
  • Creates forums for analyzing and discussing critical workforce issues to determine the best implementation strategies.
  • Partners with State and Local elected officials to ensure the WIB's efforts are aligned with county goals.
  • Conducts labor market analysis to better assess labor demand and to advocate for employer and job-seeker needs.
  • Ensures system accountability.

The WIB's Strategic Plan

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