Cost of dental implants

Dental implants are a great cosmetic solution to your dental woes, especially when you have imperfect or missing teeth. They can help to restore or create an attractive smile with a healthy-looking set of teeth.

If you are wondering about the cost of dental implants in Brisbane, you should first be aware of the procedures involved in the treatment. The first step will involve the placement of a dental implant into your jaw. The cost of this procedure will vary depending on the number of dental implants that are required, with the average cost of a single dental implant being $2200.

How much do dental implants cost

During the second step of the procedure, a porcelain crown for your affected tooth or teeth will be created and attached onto the dental implant. This procedure costs approximately $2985; it encompasses the cost of your porcelain crown and the materials used to attach the crown to the dental implant. The average cost of dental implants like this is approximately $5200, where the patient receives the complete dental implant treatment.

However, if you have a few missing teeth or several dental imperfections, you will need to consult your dental treatment provider on the costs and the treatment options available. The costs involved may vary between cases, as treatments have to be personalised to fit your needs. The total cost of dental implants treatment for each person will also depend on other factors like the overall health of the person’s teeth, bone condition, bite factors, and the treatment required.

Affordable Low Cost Dental Implants

Despite the apparently high cost of dental implants, every cent spent will be worth it because of the great benefits to your health and appearance. This treatment allows you to regain your lost teeth and help you to chew your food again, which is especially important among the elderly, as poor chewing ability can lead to reduced appetite and malnutrition. Therefore, your quality of life would be improved markedly because you will be able to eat solid food and smile attractively to display a beautiful set of teeth.

If you are keen on getting dental implants, get a dental consultation first to obtain a proper evaluation and a quote for your treatment. This will ensure that you receive cost-effective treatment.