Tooth filing – remedy of tooth decay

Tooth ache is a common problem suffered by maximum people. Generally the reason behind tooth ache is tooth decay. Tooth filing is one of the solutions to this problem. Tooth filling is a simple process but it require experience hand to do the filling confidently. You can contact cosmetic dentist London for this treatment because they have experience and skill as well.

First the dentist will remove the damaged tooth, clean the area properly, and fill up the gap with filing material. This will prevent tooth from further decay and prevents the germ or bacteria to get spread from the source tooth. The common material used in filing the holes of tooth is porcelain, silver, copper and other coatings. Here are types of coating in details.

Gold filling

Gold filling is little expensive in compare to other filing available in the market. To have this filling in the teeth you need to check whether it is compatible with tooth and gum or not. This filing is specially made in laboratory under the supervision of dentist.

Silver filling

Silver filling will cost you moderate. The most important feature of this filling that it is high durable. However it is visible from outside that is why this type of filing is used in molar and premolar teeth.

Plastic filling

The material used in this type of filling is composite resin. This type of filling completely matches with the natural colour of the teeth. It is perfect for small holes. It is because it does not stay for longer period time and it is prone to stain.

Porcelain filing

It is most common and much in demand treatment. It has both the quality of resistant and durability.